Everywhere we look we can clearly see that summer is coming. Hundreds of Beach body workouts, detox plans and new diets. More and more of the diet and fitness experts are trying to persuade us to believe that shakes and smoothes are the way forward. And why is that? Let s look closer.

Why are shakes so beneficial for us?

Shakes are a great alternalive for people who are always on the go. Sometimes, preparing healthy meals takes much more effort andthen blending few ingredients together. It is a great way of providing your body with a nutritional boost in minutes, we can squeeze so much goodness in one serving. If you are a vegetarian or vegan and concerned about your daily protein intake, shakes powders are great little helper.

Shakes are also great if you are not a big fan of greens and fruits. In the blended version they can taste fantastic. In a 2015 study, Joseph Price, associate professor at Brigham Young University and his colleague found that only 4% of kids eating a school breakfast ate a serving of fruit. When the school offered morning smoothies, that number jumped to 45%. So if you or your child avoiding those foods, try a shake.

But of course, there are few thinks that you have to be aware.

Some research shows that there are negatives too. Robert Lustig, MD, professor of paediatrics at University of California, San Francisco thinks that blades in the blender destroy the insoluble fiber and a sugar is absorbed in the maximum rate.

There is research to show that if you take exactly the same energy as a liquid instead of a solid, you will consume more calories later because the liquefied energy doesn’t satisfy your appetite as well as the solid food. So be prepared that you might get hungry quicker.

Lastly, people who consume smoothies usually use fruit to make it taste palatable.  A store-bought fruit smoothie can pack 58 grams of sugar in a single 16-oz bottle. (By comparison, 12 ounces of cola has about 40 grams of sugar). So make sure that you make your smoothie yourself and choose low sugar fruit and lots of greens.

We organized the fruit that is the lowest and highest in sugar.

High in sugar  - lychees, figs, mango, cherries and grapes.

Low in sugar – avocado, cranberries, raspberries, blackberries and strawberries.

Berries are definitely a winner and they packed with antioxidants and fibre.

The best natural sweeteners are Manuka honey, agave syrup and xylitol.

What are the other Super Foods that you can add to your shake to make it super nutritional and not to spoil the flavour?

Pomegranate, acai Berries, flaxseed, chia seeds, goji berries & nuts

And for the green fibre punch?

Kale, spirulina, wheatgrass, broccoli or spinach

What about the protein in powders?

You can take in protein shakes or amino acids powders pre and post workout, however pre workout shakes have long been considered the most important pieces of the workout nutritional puzzle.


It can provide a quickly absorbed source of protein. Generally, liquids are digested more quickly than solid foods so by “drinking” your protein, your body is absorbing it faster which is good for rebuilding muscle after or pre workout.  A study published in Medicine and Science in Sports & Exercise found that one scoop of whey protein prior to working out increased calorie burning over the subsequent 24 hours.  The nutrients you ingest around your workouts are extremely critical to developing and refining your physique. If you skip pre-workout protein, you skip a chance to support intra-workout anabolism (muscle growth AND reduce post-workout catabolism (muscle breakdown). And of course the last, but not the least, protein shakes are very convenient and quick way to boost your body in what it needs.


It’s expensive. Depending on how good the stuff is.

There can be unpleasant stuff in there. The front label will say 100% whey protein. Cool. Until you read the ingredients label, which can include artificial flavours. xantham gum, soybean or other oils, artificial sweeteners, sugar (hint: anything with “dextrose” on the end is a sugar), and other ingredients that may be healthy or may not but unless you have a PhD in chemistry, who knows.  

It’s a source of added calories, because this is good for some people but not for others. If you are trying to lose weight, you’re better of waiting an extra 20 minutes to get home and make your next meal.. The food will obviously also have calories, but it’ll make you more full than the protein powder. When you’re trying to lose weight, staving off hunger is a huge help.

The ingredients even in the most natural Protein powders are often not Organic.

NaturallyConnected advice:

If you feel protein powder is right for you, we recommend finding a brand that has a short ingredients list  and take it once per day pre  workout. Take enough to equal about 30 grams of protein. Any more than that and your body won’t use it as efficiently. Our favourite protein powder mixes are the vegan ones, based on raw, plant based protein such as pea protein, hemp seed, cranberry, brown rice with no lactose and sugar added.

We created few mouth watering recipes for the best shakes. Check it out: here




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