These crunchy burgers are packed with goodness; full of ingredients  and high in protein such as:soya grit, cottage cheese & walnuts. To add some flavour we added some of our favourite spices but you can experiment with it and serve it with different sources and relishes.


60g soya protein mince

20g amaranth flakes (soak earlier)

40g walnuts (crushed) 

20g bread crumbs

50g white onion

150g cottage cheese

40g feta cheese

20g grated fresh mature Cheddar cheese

1 egg

1 teaspoon cayenne paper 

1 tablespoon sweet paprica powder

1 tablespoon dried oregono

1 teaspoon chilli powder (1/2 if you are not a fan of spicy!)

2 teaspoons Chia seeds

oil for frying


Combine amaranth flakes, walnuts, bread crumbs, Chia seeds and all the cheeses in a medium bowl. Stir with a spoon. Leave on a side. Chop onion finely and fry gently until soft. Add the soya mince and all the spices to the onion and combine toghether. Fry it for about 5 minutes until soya mince softens and absorbs all the spices. Add fried ingredients to the bowl and mix together. Finally add the egg and rice flour and mix with your hands until the desired texture. Serves 4 medium size burgers. 

Fry until golden brown on both sides. 

You can serve it with a whole meal bun and a fresh salad.


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