Today is so rainy and grey outside, that nothing better come to mind, then making some treats. Just to curl up under the blanket with tea in one and cake in the other hand.

There are more and more of us realising that we are gluten intolerant. So today is a recipe for all of you, who suffer from this disorder and for those, who just simply want a lighter, delicious treat, that will be nutritional and healthy.

Ingredients: (make 13-15 cupcakes, depend on the size)

200g coconut flour (simply grind coconut flakes to achieve coconut flour)
100g almond flour ( grind almonds)
100g amaranth flour
1,5 tea spoons baking powder
125g ksylitol (natural sweetener)
125g Custer sugar
4 eggs
50ml coconut oil
200ml buttermilk

For the raspberry filling:
100g of fresh raspberries
Hand full of freeze dried raspberries

Directions for the cupcakes:
Mix together in a large bowl all the flours and baking powder.
In the separate bowl make your butter mix by combining all the rest of the ingredients. Now slowly mix dry and wet ingredients. Prepare the muffin tray for baking. Use cupcake ...... To make sure that nothing sticks to the trey.
Fill the cupcake hole till halve, put some raspberry filling and freeze dried raspberries and cover them with the rest of the butter mix. Make sure that there are not raspberries sticking on the sides and on the top.
Bake in 180C for about 15 minutes until golden brown.

Directions for raspberry filling:
Put fresh raspberries on the small pan, with two spoons on ksylitol and let them soften. When cooled remove as much juice as possible, so you left with the pulp of the fruit. Do not throw away the remaining juice, you can make a delicious source for your dinner or add it to hot tea for a natural sweetness.







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