It's that time of year when everyone gives themselves a free pass to indulge and these chocolate drops are the perfect creation to set you on the right path. Not only do they taste delicious but adding our freeze-dried fruit gives it that little extra that puts a smile on every face that taste them. Display them on a beautiful plate or silver tray and they will look like little jewels expressing your desire for comfort and love and will make everyone gaze with wonder at your christmas creations.

We used three different good quality chocolates (dark 80% cocoa, milk and white) as a base for our drops. The rest is just your imagination. We used freeze dried raspberries, freeze dried pineapple powder and dried eatable flower petals. 


Place baking paper on the trays and make sure that the paper is straight and stick properly to the surface (you can achieve that by smearing some butter or oil on the tray site of the paper). Make sure that there is space for your trays in the fridge, because we will need it!

Prepare all your topping ingredients on the separate board.

 If you want particular shape of your chocolates, use metal cookie moults.

Melt chocolates in the separate bowls over simmering water.

With a tablespoon slowly form button like looking chocolates. Continue until the tray is full and place in the fridge for about 2minutes, until chocolate is firmer but still sticky.

Now start applying all the decorations, so they firmly stick to the chocolate, but do not sink. Place in the fridge for at least 2 hours.

Now is the time to remove ready jewels from the baking paper. Use sharp, flat, metal spatula to do it. When they cold and solid, there should be no problem.


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